Tilt-a-Maze® is available in several themed models, as well as a classic wood-look design. Each Maze Floor design is available in 5 difficulty levels from Rookie to Pro.


Place one anywhere that you need an extra activity or memorable distraction. Install a few together and set up a new aMazing area.


Each Tilt-a-Maze box is 30" wide x 42” long, completely outdoor durable, and weather-proof.  It ships worldwide by LTL Freight. Extra shipping charges will be applied.  If you have a bulk order- please contact us directly.


Each Tilt-A-Maze set includes:

• Tilt-A-Maze table (approx. 30”x 42” surface)

• Pivot Assembly

• Two front handles (additional handles available for purchase)

• Character Ball(s)

• Installation instructions (you supply lumber for stand)